Group Sales

Volume Discounts

We enjoy working with large groups such as athletic teams, schools, and community organizations to offer quantity discounts.  We can offer groups a discounted price if you order multiple copies of the same item and/or order multiple products at the same time.  Please contact us at prior to placing any large volume orders so that we can provide you with a customized estimate.

Fundraising Opportunities

We also love working with organizations and groups to help with their fund-raising efforts.  We can provide your organization with custom designed flyers advertising some of our products and directing customers to our website for additional options.  These flyers will contain a code to be entered at the time the order is placed.  All orders received during the promotional period with that code will be accumulated and your organization will receive a portion of the proceeds.  We enjoy giving back to our community and other deserving organizations, so please contact us at for further information.

Wholesale Information

Please contact us at, and mention that you are interested in reselling our product.  Include information about your business, including your location, products you currently sell, designs you would be interested in reselling, and contact information.  We will make the process simple for you and will contact you as soon as possible.