What is Olee Kids?

Olee Kids is a collection of wall décor items that will brighten up any room.  We offer many different types of products, such as the original snapshot wall graphic created from a digitial picture you supply.  Based on requests from several customers, we expanded our product offerings to not only include the snapshot wall graphic product, but also what we call SportsPacks and DecorPacks.  These are accessory items that can be used in conjunction with your Snapshot wall graphic as accent pieces, or as stand-alone décor items.  Other customers requested customized names, monograms, and sayings.  We will continue to develop other removable wall graphics, but they all fall under the name of Olee Kids.


What are Olee Kids made of?

Our original Snapshot wall graphics, as well as the SportsPacks and DecorPacks are printed on a removable matte white vinyl that is 5 mil thick.  This material sticks to most smooth, painted walls, but is removable, so it comes off when desired.  Monograms, names, and other decorative items are made from premium quality, matte finish, removable adhesive vinyl material.  The material we use holds each piece firmly to most smooth surfaces, but still allows for you to remove them from the wall when you are ready. If you are unsure about compatibility with your wall surface, please request a test decal.


Are Olee Kids just for sports?

Absolutely not!  We specialize in capturing life’s big moments—all of them!  We can make a picture of your beloved pet into a Snapshot wall graphic.  You could take a picture of your family in front of a beautiful waterfall on vacation and we’ll make it into a Snapshot wall graphic.  Any picture you have the right to re-produce can be made into a Snapshot wall graphic.  And you have the ability to order it with or without the background for the same cost, so we give you complete flexibility!


Can I have a Snapshot wall graphic of a professional athlete or celebrity?

Due to laws on copyrights, trademarks, and the rights of privacy, you may not upload any image that you do not own the copyright to.

Do the monograms, names, and other décor items look like stickers?

No.  These products are produced using a vinyl material that isn’t shiny, but rather has a matte finish that allows them to blend in with the look of your walls and décor.  The material is also very thin and flexible, so the finished product will have a smooth look when it’s applied.  These are not simply decals with clear film around the letters, but rather individually cut letters that have been pre-spaced for you.  The vinyl is thin, so the product will give you the look of hand-painted décor without the time and trouble.

When I order a name, will I have to apply each letter individually?

No.  The vinyl lettering comes pre-spaced for easy application. 

Do you offer editing of images that are sent to you to create a Snapshot wall graphic?

We will remove the background free of charge if you order a cut-out Snapshot wall graphic.  If you require additional editing, such as taking out blemishes, color touchups, or any other editing needs, please contact us at info@oleekids.com to discuss your specific needs.  We will try to accommodate your request.  An additional charge may apply, which will be communicated to you prior to the processing of your order.

What file formats do you accept for a Snapshot wall graphic?

We will accept any of the following file formats:

Is there a minimum image size or quality that you need to produce a Snapshot wall graphic?
To ensure you get the best quality print, photographs with higher quality resolution are preferred.  As a guide of the quality you can expect from a photo, see the chart below:

Photo Mega Pixels Photo Resolution 24" BigShot 36" BigShot 54" BigShot 72" BigShot
3 2048x1536 Excellent Very Good Good Good
4 2240x1680 Excellent Very Good Good Good
5 2560x1920 Excellent Excellent Very Good Good
6 3032x2008 Excellent Excellent Very Good Good
7 3072x2304 Excellent Excellent Very Good Very Good
8 3264x2448 Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent

Are snapshot wall graphics removable?

Yes, all of our products are completely removable.  Just slip a fingernail under one corner and carefully peel it away.  With the smaller decals, you may want to use tweezers to pull the product away from the wall.  A hair dryer may also be used to warm up the vinyl before removing to make it easier.  Our products are guaranteed not to leave any adhesive residue on your surface.


Can I reuse my snapshot wall graphic?

Probably not.  Simple, large shapes such as our framed Snapshot wall graphics can sometimes be moved around, although we cannot guarantee it will adhere to a surface if it is being reused.  And it would be difficult to reuse most of our other products due to how thin the product is and the detail associated with each graphic.


Can I hang Olee Kids wall graphics over fresh paint?

We suggest waiting at least one week after painting before you apply your design.  Before applying one of our products, apply a piece of masking tape in an inconspicuous place.  If the tape doesn’t remove any paint when you pull it off, you are ready to apply your design.  If you are unsure if your Olee Kids wall graphic will adhere to your wall surface, please order a test decal.


Can I put your products on any surface?

Our products will adhere to most clean, flat surfaces.  Generally, the products will stick to any smooth or lightly textured surface such as painted walls, metal, glass, ceramic, tile, plastic and wood.  It will not stick to rough or uneven surfaces like cinder block, brick, porous aluminum or stucco surfaces.  If you’re in doubt about your surface, please request a test decal.


Can I put your products in high humidity rooms, such as bathrooms?

Humidity doesn’t affect the performance of any of our products.  The surface is important though, and should be dry before installing any of our items.


Can I put Olee Kids wall graphics on tile?

You will not encounter any problems applying our product on tile, but they do not work well over grout lines.


Can I put any of your products on wallpaper?

It depends.  Our Snapshot wall graphics and other products may adhere to some wallpaper, but not all types.  We suggest ordering a sample first to test it out.


Can I clean my Olee Kids wall graphic?

Clean all of our products by carefully wiping with a damp cloth.  Avoid all cleaners that contain alcohol or abrasives.


How many colors do I have to choose from for customized products?

We currently offer 21 different colors to choose from, although some products may offer only a limited number of those colors.  The colors we offer may change, as customer needs dictate.  So please contact us at info@oleekids.com if you would like to see a different color offered for one of our products.


How can I know the exact color of the product I will receive?

We can send you a free sample of whatever color you would like to see.  This sample will be sent out on the same material that will be used for your finished product.  We encourage you to take advantage of this offer so that you can not only match the color to your décor, but also verify that the material will adhere to the surface you are applying it to.


I have a specific area to fit a name into.  How do I know the exact measurement of the wall décor I am interested in ordering?

When calculating the size of your graphic, we measure from the top of the highest point in your custom decal to the bottom of the lowest point.  That way, if you have a tight space you are trying to fit into, you will know that your customized decal will fit.   Keep in mind that different fonts are going to be different lengths for the same word, but when we say something is 5” or 7” high, that is the total height of your graphic, no matter what the font.  See the illustration below as an example.  Please contact us at info@oleekids.com if you have any questions about size.


Can I make a special/custom request for my order?

We have tried to offer a variety of products on this website to meet your décor needs, and will continue to add additional products as customers demand them.  If you have a special request for an item that isn’t featured on this website, please contact us at info@oleekids.com.  We will try to accommodate your request.  There may be an additional fee for this service, which will be communicated to you prior to processing your order.  We also welcome your feedback and suggestions for future products.


Can I make a change to my order after it has been placed?

It depends.  We try to move your order through the processing stages as soon as it is received so that we can ship your product on a timely basis.  Once production has started, it would be impossible to accept changes, as so many of our products are custom-made.  If you need to change the color or any other aspect of your order, please email us at info@oleekids.com as soon as possible.  You can also contact us at (800) 225-5040, M-F, 8 am-4 pm EST.  We will let you know if the change is possible, and whether there would be an additional fee to accommodate the request.


How do I apply my Olee Kids wall graphic?

Click here for our Application Instructions.  Remember that you can always contact us at info@oleekids.com with any questions about application.


How long will my Olee Kids wall graphic last?

Our products are as easy to remove as they are to install.  If left alone though, the product will stay on your wall for 3-5 years. 


Do you have reseller opportunities?

Absolutely.  Please contact us at info@oleekids.com, and mention that you are interested in reselling our product.  Include information about your business, including your location, products you currently sell, designs you would be interested in reselling, and contact information.  We will make the process simple for you and will contact you as soon as possible.


Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, and we enjoy working with groups such as athletic teams, schools, and other large groups.  Please contact us at info@oleekids.com prior to placing any large volume orders so that we can provide you with a customized estimate.


What about fundraising opportunities?

We would love to help your non-profit group raise some money.  We can provide your organization with custom designed flyers advertising some of our products and directing customers to our website for additional options.  These flyers will contain a code to be entered at the time the order is placed.  All orders received during the promotional period with that code will be accumulated and your organization will receive a portion of the proceeds.  We enjoy giving back to our community and other deserving organizations, so please contact us at info@oleekids.com for further information.


Do you charge sales tax?

Yes, but only on orders shipped to an address within the state of Indiana.


I live close to your manufacturing facility.  Can I pick my order up rather than have it delivered?

Absolutely.  Our address is 58740 Executive Drive, Mishawaka, IN  46544.  Make sure to indicate Customer Pickup on the order form.


Still have more questions?

Please email us at info@oleekids.com.  We will respond to your question promptly.